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THE GALABOV GROUP LTD is a family company work with small businesses and large corporations in across the Macedonia and with Business partners in Southeastern Europe  (Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia, Montenegro, Kosovo, Albania, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Romania, Greece and Turkey),  and Nordic countries (Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Sweden and Norway),  finding European and lokal solutions that save time and money. For each project our comapany create experts team of our senior executive consultant as leader of the team and independent professionals in each of their field and also professional companies with вest recommendation. 

THE GALABOV GROUP LTD offers affordable consulting & logistics services to address the business needs of our clients. 

Services we provide to our foreign and domestic clients:


- *INVEST IN MACEDONIA* - Complete consulting services for foreign investors for the project of the government of Republic of Macedonia.

- *SMART ENERGY* - Consultations on foreign and domestic investors in renewable energy projects in all stages of investment.

- *BEST BRENDS* - Company Brand's Representative with all legal and economic rights in Macedonia and the Balkan region.

- *MACEDONIAN AROMATIC PLANTS * - Production to highly concentrated oils extracted from aromatic plants like immortelle, rosemary and others plants from Macedonia. 

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